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With her first full length book, Ashanti Sails South, coming out in December 2016, Carola is excited to share with the world her (and her husband’s) passion for travel and sailing. Living in Ontario and having such incredible vistas and lakes surrounding them, they naturally progressed into becoming a sailing couple in their fifties.

Before that, a demanding business and bringing up the family were their priorities.

As their children grew wings and started their own independent lives Carola and Elmar discovered their passion for sailing.

Within this website you will find many facts and introspections which Carola shares whole-heartedly.

If you are considering taking the plunge and buying that boat and making short and long sailing trips, this is a great place to start. Are you wondering whether you and your spouse can handle the adventures of sailing together for weeks or months at close quarters? Do you want to know about the financial and practical commitments? What if you are not even sure you will enjoy this very different life-style over the long term?

You may already own your own boat and are searching for ideas about stocking up, recipes, and how sailors cope with the practical aspects of confined space, planning and getting organized.

Carola can help you within the blog posts as well as respond to your direct questions. You may contact her at: Contact@AshantiSailsSouth.com.

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Making the Most of Life, Your Way!
Making the Most of Life, Your Way!

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If you prefer to buy a signed print copy, please order it directly from the author by emailing her: Contact@AshantiSailsSouth.com

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