Mercedessy Speaks About the New Adventure

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April 10, 2017

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mercedessy von Bluetecky. I am Ashanti’s big brother. I joined the Englert family four years ago and have been chauffeuring them everywhere since then. I have had the pleasure of seeing my beautiful sister occasionally, but have not spent too much time in her company. She was towering high above me, standing on her six-foot keel there in the parking lot at American Custom Yachts, while I was parked in her shadow.

Now that she is mobile in the water, I would like to spend time with her to get to know her better, but I heard rumours that she is taking the captain and the duchess back to Canada, not me.

Oh, let me explain the duchess part.

A while back, Elmar and Carol were invited for drinks on another cruising boat, along with some other cruisers. As is the custom, they all exchanged business cards and put them in their pockets. The following morning there was a knock on the hull of Ashanti.

“Hi, we met you guys last night on the other boat. When I read your card this morning, I couldn’t believe it, your last name is the same as my maiden name!” was the exclamation of Nancy Englert. Nancy’s ancestors arrived in the US from the same neck of the woods as Elmar is from, back in 1842.

The Englerts’ and Harvey and Nancy became friends and Nancy calls them their cousins. Nancy and Harvey are from Charleston, S.C. Harvey calls Nancy his Princess.  Soon after, Elmar thought Carol isn’t quite a Princess but more of a Duchess, so he gave her that title.

I am very disappointed; they are leaving me in Florida. Not only will I be missing all the fun along the way to Canada, but also I will be very lonely here in my carport. The other cars don’t really talk to me since I sport a Canadian license plate. They think I talk with an accent, eh! I will be so hot here in the Florida summer in my black suit!

Today was a very interesting day.  Ashanti told me that someone attached a letter to her lifeline. When the captain and the duchess arrived, they didn’t even bother with it, they were so busy getting the boat ready for this 2000+ mile trip. The duchess brought bag after bag after bag aboard, the captain made sure the stove, the lights, the water pump, and everything else works. At one point Carol tried to pump some water into the galley sink with the hand water pump and ended up with the whole pump coming out of the counter! Just another job for Elmar!

When Carol finally attended to the letter, it sure raised her hackles. ….no overnight docking…. possible fine up to 1000 dollars…. towed if not removed at once….at your expense!

Well, they ignored it for now and kept on loading the boat.

The more I thought about being left in Florida, the more I resented it. So, I thought I ‘d fix. I took the captain and the duchess down to Ashanti at the dock and rested in the shade of a big tree. When they were ready to go home, I quit!  My battery was dead.  There was nobody at the dock, they were alone. After a while, a car came and they waved it down.

“Can you give us a boost? Our car battery is dead.”

“Ah, well, I don’t know. We just leased this car and it is a hybrid, I don’t even know where the battery is and I don’t have any booster cables.” came the hesitant reply.

“Don’t worry; I have booster cables, let me have a look at your motor.”  Elmar answered.

Well, they weren’t too happy about that, but gave Elmar and Carol a ride back to the condo.

Eventually, Elmar got a boost from someone and they made me drive immediately to Costco in West Palm Beach to buy a new battery for me.

I had had a new one in my trunk until two weeks ago, when Elmar finally decided to return it because I obviously didn’t need a new one. I had behaved since Christmas.

On December 26, I had just not felt like driving all the way to Florida, right after we had had such a nice Christmas with all the Halls at our house, so I just wouldn’t start for the long trip to Florida. I should have known that I can’t pull the wool over Elmar’s eyes, because he just went over to his neighbour Ted, boosted me with Ted’s Kia (how embarrassing) and drove right on to Stuart. Once there, of course, he carried right on to Costco and bought a new battery, just in case. But I knew better than to act up again.

The captain’s intent was to install the new battery right at Costco and return the old one for the core charge.  However, when it was time to do so, he had forgotten to bring one essential wrench, so he could not take it out and we’ll have to return that old battery next year. Then he took the new battery out of the trunk, hooked it up to the old one via the booster cables, gave it a boost and we drove home! I just can’t win over that guy; he outsmarts me every time! I guess I am just doomed to sweat it out for the summer!

What do you think? Will they leave me here all alone until they come down next winter?

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