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Carola is a long time sailor and travel writer. Her first book, Ashanti Sails South was published on December 18th, 2016.

Carola along with her husband, son and daughter have always enjoyed the outdoors and spending their leisure time biking, hiking, camping and canoeing.

Throughout their 40 years of running various businesses, Carola and her husband Elmar planned to make their sailing dreams a reality upon retirement. Always passionate about exploring and travelling, they have sailed extensively over the past twenty years.

An avid, award winning photographer and meticulous journalist, the ever-energetic Carola shares their exciting and sometimes dangerous escapades sailing south through Ontario’s September storms. Her articles and photography have been featured in magazines, such as The Port Hole and Sideroads.

As Training Officer for Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, she won the Beldon W Fox Trophy for having taught the most advanced and elective courses with the most students and most passes. Carola and her husband Elmar won the Lemon Hart National Award for saving the life of a boater whose boat burned completely. Her husband also won the A W Ripley Trophy when he was Training Officer. Between 1981 and 1993 Carola took 12 courses, earning her the most coveted ‘Complete Certificate’, while earning 13 merit marks for volunteering to run the squadron at all levels. She also won 1st and 3rd prize at National Conferences for creating a pictorial history of the squadron.

Ashanti Sails South is Carola’s debut travel biography of an exciting year of preparing and sailing south on their CS 36 boat, the Ashanti. She shares, alongside Elmar, her husband and courageous captain, the highlights, the low points, and lessons learned while navigating from Owen Sound in Ontario to Florida, to the Bahamas and back to Florida.

These days Carola spends many fun hours with her children and grandchildren, while finding time to blog and write her next book.


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