final-ashanti-ebook-cover-medAshanti Sails South by Carola Englert

After years of compiling this labour of love, Carola Englert’s book, Ashanti Sails South will be available for pre-order in the next few days. It will be published on December 18th, 2016.

About the Ashanti Sails South:

After three decades of hard work Carola and Elmar, her husband and captain, are about to fulfil their lifelong dream: To sail south on Ashanti, their CS 36T sailboat. Despite their misgivings of abandoning house and family, and whether their boat and 33-year marriage will survive the adventure, they risk storms and gales to traverse the tumultuous Great Lakes to Florida and the Bahamas.

This journey, like life itself, may not all be smooth sailing, but together they discover many hidden gems. Along the way they reunite with good friends, forge new friendships and meet many well travelled sailors.

Award-winning photographer Carola captures the impact of the places they visit with her vibrant photographs and witty and heart-warming journals. Whether you are an armchair traveller, a seasoned sailor, or are considering making your own dreams a reality, join this astonishing couple on their escapades.

Bon voyage!

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