The Duchess Speaks About Cape Fear River NC

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Thursday, April 27, 2017 Hi Everyone, Well, that was a rather exiting experience! It is 3:30 pm and we just turned north at Carolina Beach, North Carolina. It never felt so safe to be in the ‘ditch’ again. We just spent the last three hours fighting our way up the Cape Fear River. It was still ebbing for two hours, so we had a very strong current against us. The motor was labouring at 6.8 knots, which we hardly ever ask it to do, but our speed over the ground was a scant 1.8 knots. My God, I thought, at […]

The Duchess Speaks About Stormy Days

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Monday, April 24, 2017 Georgetown, South Carolina What a day this was. We woke up to dark clouds hovering over Charleston, which we had left behind at noon yesterday. “Let’s turn on the weather channel” was Elmar’s suggestion. They reported thunderstorms all day with heavy rain and flooding. Charleston had a special flood warning, because it had a higher than normal tide on top of the expected 4-6 inches of heavy rainfall during the thunderstorms. They had also mentioned a couple more areas. Of course, we did not know whether they were north or south of our location. There had […]

My First Blog

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Welcome to My First Blog Today is ‘Culture Day’ in Georgetown and I was one of 12 authors invited to read a portion of my book. It was interesting to listen to the other authors and their works. My editor with her husband and my marketing manager attended along with some neighbours. All thought my presentation was very good. If you were there, let me know what you thought. So begins a new part of my life. Over the next weeks I will be ready to unveil my labour of love: I wrote Ashanti Sails South capturing the adventures my […]