Praise for Ashanti Sails South:

Having just finished reading Carola Englert’s Book Ashanti Sails South, I am filled with warm and wonderful memories. Having cruised the same voyage on my yacht in 2001, I found her book a delightful story of adventure. Carola has a sharp eye for detail and adds much in the way of local colour and history …and she also knows her sailing! It is a wonderful refresher for those of us who have done it (I learned much from her research), while it should be an essential bible for both the dreamers who never attempt the trip, and even more, for those who do leave the dock seeking an amazing adventure. Well done Carola and thank you for the memories!

Captain John Yokom and Sandy Rigby, Northern Lights V


I thoroughly enjoyed and was enlightened by Ashanti Sails South by Carola Englert!

Never having been interested in long distance sailing before reading this book, I was astonished by how much I loved it.

The story seems a metaphor for navigating through life. One key life lesson is that you must sometimes make sacrifices to achieve a distant goal. Carola and her husband Elmar are sailing South, fulfilling a life-long dream. They have made all reasonable preparations for their journey, but everything is not all smooth sailing. Just as sometimes happens in life! I also enjoyed the husband and wife strong connection with each other and others throughout the entertaining travelogue.

This book is well stocked with clear sailing lessons and interesting historical facts which I found exciting and informative.

Yvonne Finn, Your Relationship Whisperer, and Author of Getting From Hello to Forever Together


I love this book, Carola. It is as if you and I are the same (in mind). It’s like we as women feel and think a certain way about sailing challenges. I recognize so much in your words. You have such a nice and lovely way of describing the closeness on a boat with the love of your life in both calm and stormy seas.
All the best and good luck with the book.
Annette Gustafsson, Education planner at Örebro Municipal of Sweden


I just finished reading the whole book, this alone is testament to its quality. I found it interesting, absorbing and well paced. I was expecting more of a sailing book, so found the historical, family and touristy news further added to its appeal.

Congratulations to the author.

Michael Spiers, Captain of Etime


I really enjoyed reading Ashanti Sails South!

“You can also look to the left and to the right and see this beautiful landscape!” These were Carola’s words when I first met her in 2000, two years after Ashanti sailed south.

Throughout reading this beautiful travel memoir, I always had these words in mind. Because Carola can create pictures in the reader’s mind when describing the landscape and the forces of nature that surrounded this couple. Sailing is just like a love relationship. You must work through the highs and the lows, and simply try to survive the adversities of life.

This book transports you to a world full of water, waves, winds, deep love, and interesting people. But you also learn a lot about sailing.  It is obvious that both Carola and her husband know how to sail. There may not be a perfect sail, but there certainly are many perfect moments!

Carola’s debut story reminds me of the wonderful novel Desperate Voyage by John Caldwell.  And I really hope that this won’t be Carola’s one and only book, like Caldwell’s novel was! But the mixture of humour, landscape description and dramatic moments is what makes this book a very worthwhile read.

Thank you for this great story, Carola!

Fabian Tietz, Berlin, Germany


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